What is Occupational therapy?

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Today Nurul like to share about what is Occupational Therapy.
I'm pretty sure most of you guys don't know and no idea what is it.
For those who already know what is it, thanks a lot. You might 1 in million. huhu
For those who like to know what is occupational therapy ( OT ), Thanks a lot. i'm very appreciate.

In its simplest terms, occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants help people across the lifespan participate in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities (occupations). Common occupational therapy interventions include helping children with disabilities to participate fully in school and social situations, helping people recovering from injury to regain skills, and providing supports for older adults experiencing physical and cognitive changes.

From the picture above show therapy session with child. You might say OT just play with child, but the fact we in process to help this child due to his/her condition. I will list some type of child that OT most handle it. For the information, OT can divided into several department such as pediatric, psychiatric, neurology, orthopedic and surgery and etc.

In pediatric, focus on child. Psychiatric focus on mental illness, neurology focus on Brain, Spinal cord if not mistaken, orthopedic and surgery focus on people who after surgery and has physical problem. macam tu lah. aku pun tak tahu nak kabo macam mana. haha

continue back for the picture above, what therapist do? is it they just play???
The answer is NO!
For sharing, play is occupation for child. in play has a lot of benefir for child development. In play, child learn to social with others, show the level of cognitive, motor function and others. So we can assess child development or help child to achieve their level of development. 

What type of child we help?

  1. Autism
  2. Cerebral Palsy
  3. Down Syndrome
  4. Global Developmental Disorder
  5. etc
for a lot information, can google by yourself or comment below.

Occupational therapy for psychiatric, so we handle with patient who has mental illness such as schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, Manic, Depression, Anxiety Disorder, OCD and etc. We help them to reduce their psychotic symptom ( Hallucination, delusion) and help them to life as normal people ( can go work, do their role and etc). How we help them? You can learn more if you doing further study in this course.

For physical, we help them to adapt with disability or help the problem. This part may clash with physiotherapy, but our aim is different. Occupational therapy also has skill to do splint and pressure garment. This also make we different with others therapist.

Image result for splint 
hand splint 

Image result for pressure garment
pressure garment (selalunya untuk burn case)

Nurul currently in Bachelor Of Occupational Therapy (Hons) at National University of Malaysia (UKM). So those who lepasan Matric or STPM can apply in UPU system. 

“Occupational Therapy is a health discipline which is concerned with people who are physically and/or mentally impaired, disabled and/or handicapped, either temporarily or permanently. The professionally qualified occupational therapist involves the patients in activities designed to promote the restoration and maximum use of function with the aim of helping such people to meet the demands of their working, social, personal and domestic environment, and to participate in life in its fullest sense”.
[World Federation of Occupational Therapists 2003]
Occupational Therapy programme at Faculty of Allied Health Sciences UKM is the pioneer for Bachelor degree programme in Malaysia.
  • To assist in increasing the number of Occupational Therapist for nation needs.
  • To provide the basic knowledge of occupational therapy.
  • To develop the local infrastructure for research in Occupational Therapy
  • To produce graduates who are able to understand the basic and background diseases and therapeutic approach.
  • To produce graduates who are expert in research and capable of exploring new findings in Occupational Therapy be it in technical forms, diagnostics and clinical aspects that would contribute to the excellence of health services.
  • To produce graduates who are professional, competent, confident and highly skilled in occupational therapy practice.
  • To produce professional Occupational therapist with strong ethics and social responsibilities in order to fulfill religion and nation’s aspiration.
Occupational therapist graduates will have the opportunity to start their career in the following fields:
  • Government & Private Hospital
  • School for Special Education
  • Government & Private Rehabilitation Centre
  • Academician in IPTA or IPTS
  • Private Practitioners
  • Researcher
[Copy and Paste from UKM site.]

Any question comment below :)

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