Flawless skin within 1 weeks + random talk about drugstore product

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 Hi and Assalammualaikum.

1 week ago I got acne on my cheek and 1 on my chin. yes, it normal to has some acne for some period of time. the things that make me more frustrated is my acne keeps pop out when others acne is gone even the scar still there. so how can I get flawless skin! arghhhh

then I struggle again my using powerful, famous drugstore product that i already use previously, just i keep it in my bag.

sorry, my English sooo bad.

actually, i have seen on youtube that more famous product that we thought good for our skin has the chemical that can cause acne and irritation. you guys can search 'cosDNA' and type the product that you used. yes, we can see Cetaphil and others acne product has an ingredient that causes acne or irritation. first of all, here I'm not going to state that product was not good. actually, it depends on what ingredient you don't suitable. some ingredient is ok for 'A' but maybe not for 'B'. Buttttttttt, it's better for me to avoid because I don't know what ingredient that I can't use for my skin and now I'm want to use organic ingredients only.

so what I'm using are:

1. No cleanser

the reason is I want to rest my skin from any chemical and I also not really using makeup except sunblock. when I'm using sunblock, I clean my face using aloe vera gel that mix with virgin coconut oil.

2. toner

the toner that I'm using is cider apple vinegar. I sure all of you already know the benefit of this toner. this can help clean your acne.

3. moisturizer

I'm using aloe vera mixed with virgin coconut oil as my moisturizer. it's can help reduce acne scar, hyperpigmentation and make your skin healthy and glowing.

4. Acne get

acne get that I'm using T3 acne gel. apply on acne only.

5. Scar Gel

If all my acne is gone, I will apply Mederma gel to fade my scar.

I really like a homemade organic product because of it safe to use. you guys can check on youtube about others organic homemade product.

thanks for read.

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